Reasons for suspension of Mr. Park Soo-Nam

Many people may have read the headline published at the DTU website. During the extraordinary General Assembly Meeting being held at Kassel, April 30st 2016, a total of 15 issues were discussed resulting in the suspension of Mr. Park Soo-Nam from his office being President of the DTU. Now several readers ask about the issues and what had been discussed. tries to give a brief overview.

Anyone who has followed our articles can guess about the issues reviewing our posts. For all others we post a short list as below.

What is the reason for the suspension of Mr. Park?
The suspension is based on a written demand note to the Executive Committee filed by 11 State Federations at Feb 21st, 2016 after being notified the root cause of suspension of the DTU by the ETU, dated Feb 17th, 2016 was a request of Mr. Park. The suspension of Mr. Park aimed to prevent any further damage to the DTU caused by unforeseen, nonrational acts by Mr. Park.
This might be the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the culmination point of all issues during Mr. Park’s tenure of office.

List of Issues

– There has been serious disputes during the very first Executive Committee Meeting after Mr. Park was elected President of the DTU. It has been said Mr. Park has made several attempts to interfere with the business of the VP Kyorugi ordering modifications and changes without prior discussion with the VP or the Executive Committee. As an example, Mr. Park hired a Korean to be assistant national coach, without prior discussion and approval of the Executive Committee. This caused a massive loss to the DTU finances.

– As a result, a mutual agreement was signed by Mr. Park and the Executive Committee which was cancelled by Mr. Park with no reason during the General Assembly 2015. In addition Mr. Park raised serious claims of misconduct towards a VP of DTU.

– Mr. Park might have rejected to answer a questionaire about his administration performance during the 2015 General Assembly of the DTU.

– Right after the 2015 General Assembly of the DTU, news emerged, Mr. Park has signed an „exclusive“ contract with the Kukkiwon aiming to revoke the German black belt auditing system and to give exclusive rights to “Kukkiwon Germany” Club, raised by Mr. Park. Mr. Park failed to report this matter to the DTU Executive Committee in due diligence and he didn’t report this to the General Assembly at all. The contract was noticed by the Executive Committee after the 2015 General Assembly.

– As a result, 7 State Federations applied for an extraordinary General Assembly. In April 2015 Mr. Park rejected to call for using all although being aware that this a breach of Civil Code. He also rejected Executive Committees majority opinion and recoursed to the courts to no purpose. This misconduct caused severe financial damage to the applying State Federations.

– It is said Mr. Park rejected to invite for a Executive Committee Meeting in clear misconduct and breach of DTU bylaws. This caused the DTU being incapable of action for several important and urgent matters.

– Together with Mr. Paragalos, ETU President, and Mr. Barbarino, President of State Federation of North-Rhine Westphalia (NWTU) and ETU Treasurer, Mr. Park was present at the ETU Council Meeting awarding the “Presidents Cup” to the State Federation of North-Rhine Westphalia, disregarding the German National Member Association’s interest. It is said, Mr. Park voted for the ETU Council decision without making any comment or reporting to the DTU Executive Committee.

– In connection with the proceedings of the ETU-hearing of DTU VP Mr. Cicek, Mr. Park stated not knowing anything about, during Executive Committee meeting held in December 2015. Later on, Mr. Bozkurt beard witness, Mr. Park played an active role in the proceedings. Thus Mr. Park did not report the truth to the Executive Committee in clear misconduct to the DTU statutes.

– Mr. Park actively interfered in the lawsuit about the extraordinary General Assembly meeting of State Federation of North-Rhine Westfalia (NWTU). Especially during the summary proceedings hearing, Mr. Park sided with the NWTU President, Mr. Barbarino without any confirmation by DTU Executive Committee.

– Based on a letter sent by Mr. Park, the ETU President suspended the DTU. With this letter and in clear misconduct, Mr. Park, President of the DTU, took the risk of financial collapse of the DTU.

– Immediately after the vote of the NWTU extraordinary meeting held at Feb 20, 2016 was published, Mr. Park tried to cancel the DTU extraordinary General Assembly meeting scheduled for Feb 21st, 2016 by sending out a notification to the invitees at Feb 21, 2016 2 a.m. Thus Mr. Park tried to harm DTU Member’s rights and to revoke an Executive Committee decision without prior consulting this.

– A couple of weeks ago, news emerged back in December 2015 Mr. Park sent a letter to the ETU confirming the ETU instructor license are accepted as such by the DTU in parallel to the licenses of the German Sports Association (DOSB). As usual, the Executive Committee was not aware of the letter. As a result Mr. Park took the risk to raise a conflict DTU vs. ETU and DTU vs. DOSB.

Additional Disputes after the District Court of Munich’s Summary Proceedings

– Following the partial success at the lawsuit vs. DTU filed at the District Court of Munich, Mr. Park immediately took action in order to cancel the General Assembly meetings scheduled for April 30th, 2016. This was done in connection with strange publications on the DTU website. Trying to cancel the meetings is regarded as a breach of DTU statutes harming the member’s rights and a clear misconduct with regards to Executive Committees unanimous decision during December 2015 meeting.

– In clear breach of DTU bylaws, Mr. Park rejected to invite to an extraordinary Executive Committee meeting scheduled for April 23rd 2016. In lieu thereof Mr. Park invited to an Executive Committee Meeting to be held at Frankfurt, April 30th 2016, thus thwarting the General Assembly meetings.

– Mr. Park preferred to fly to Athens to be proclaimed “Honory President of the ETU” instead of joining the German Open G2 tournament of the DTU as it’s President.


As stated in the beginning, these are possible reasons for the suspension of Mr. Park, collected by based on findings and investigations. However it is likely the above is in accordance with the true reasons.

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